Average Number of Online Players

Averaged Over


The average number of online players is plotted against the hour of the day. Each hour was subsampled every fifteen minutes. The hours correspond to central standard time (America/Chicago).

Mafia Members

Member Activity Score

A rearrangeable and sortable list of the members within the selected mafia. The activity heat map shows the ratio of the "number of the times the player was online at time X" to the "number of times that time X was checked". Hovering the mouse over the activity map will reveal text which shows the time of day and the ratio. Clicking on "Score" will sort the rows according to the score.

A value of 0 means the player has never been online during time X. A value of 0.5 means the player has been online for 50% of the times that time X was checked. A value of 1 means the player has always been online at time X. The score that appears in the last column is the average ratio across all measured times.

These scores do not capture how "old" a player is. So if a player is very new then their score will likely be high until more data is accumulated. Also, due to a bug in how the online status was checked, there are approximately 30 people (across all mafias) that have inflated scores. As more data is collected, the bias will fade. One can also change the averaging interval to "Last 3 Days" and the bias will be smaller.